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Evidence of cockfighting is found among the earliest records of civilization. Although the first record of the sport in China occurs in 517 B.C., it is thought to have occurred well before that date. Finsterbusch in his book "Cockfighting all over the World" states that written records over 3,000 years ago make mention of cockfights. Believed by many to be one of earliest forms of sport, cockfighting is also thought to be one of the most universal. It has an extensive history in ancient Persia, India, south east Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Cockfighting has been documented in nearly every country, differing only in the rules employed in the contest and the physical attributes of the cocks that are selectively bred for this purpose. ...continued

Greek Cockfighting Mosiac
Ancient mosaic depicting cockfighting

Romans fighting cocks approximately 2000 years ago

Source: The Poultry Book
edited by Johnson and Brown, 3rd edition, 1909, from a painting on a vase in the
Gregorian Museum in Rome

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